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 Single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, electric starting engine.

 Adopt straight air inlet design, increase the valve, reduce the valve angle to increase the intake flow rate, increase the compression ratio, optimize the shape of the combustion chamber, and combustion more fully.

 The lightweight design (piston, piston ring) reduces friction and vibration and improves power performance.

 The two-stage filtration lubrication technology is adopted to optimize the oil passage, and the external tubing is better filtration effect and easy maintenance.

 With built-in balance shaft, equipped with anti-backlash auxiliary gear transmission, to ensure the vibration of the whole machine, balance shaft gear noise is small.

 The all-aluminum nickel plating cylinder body technology is used to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance and reduce the weight of the cylinder body.

 Special reinforced crankshaft, balance shaft, main and counter shaft bearings, bearing life is higher, good reliability.

 Integral inserts to enhance the strength of the balance shaft hole, crankshaft hole, and double head bolt hole.

 The valve is driven by adjusting gasket instead of adjusting screw. The point contact is replaced by line contact. The wear is less, the valve clearance changes less, and the valve clearance maintenance is reduced.

 Double tensioning mechanism technology, smooth transmission, soft sound quality.

 Equipped with sliding clutch, large torque transmission capacity, small handle force value; The clutch engages and disengages smoothly and quickly.

 Optimize the transmission mechanism for smoother and easier shifting.




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