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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, electric starting engine.

 Using single cylinder four valve, DOHC valve drive mode, effectively improve the inflation efficiency.

 The roller rocker arm is in contact with the crank, the rolling friction loss is smaller and the mechanical efficiency is high.

 Through CAD/CAE computer-aided analysis, the balance shaft damping system is designed and rationally arranged according to the structural characteristics of the engine. Meanwhile, the dual damping technology of damping spring and rubber sleeve is adopted to make the engine damping effect more obvious.

 Better transmission ratio distribution, better handling and ride comfort. At the same time, the parameters of each gear are newly optimized, and the strength is greatly improved.

 The built-in balance shaft structure greatly reduces the vibration of the single cylinder engine (less vibration and better riding comfort).

 Cylinder tilt 30° design, compact structure, can be used in the street bike and CUB, practicability, versatility.

 Special reinforced crankshaft and balance shaft bearing (bearing life is higher, good reliability).

 Using large and small circulation water cooling system, cooling control is more accurate, cooling effect is better, and heat load is small.

 The valve is driven by adjusting gaskets instead of adjusting screws, and the point contact is replaced by line contact, which has less wear and less change of valve clearance (reduces valve clearance maintenance).




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