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 Adopts single cylinder, four valves, SOHC structure (low air intake resistance, high inflation efficiency, strong power).

 Roller rocker arm, piston eccentric technology (reduce power loss, longer life, strong power).

 Crankshaft and connecting rod adopt bearing shell structure (light weight, low sound, high life and good reliability).

 CFD optimization design of concave top piston (high turbulent kinetic energy, high power and high emission).

 Adopt piston forced back cooling technology (piston heat dissipation fast, heat load low, longer life).

 PVD processing piston ring, cylinder bore with plateau honing cross hatch (more wear-resistant, less oil consumption).

 Starting pressure reducing valve mechanism (easy to start).

 High strength double-sided toothed belt (high transmission efficiency, long service life).

 Gear grinding drive shaft (high efficiency, low noise, long life).

 Using overhead oil and gas separation cycle technology (less exhaust gas emissions, low oil consumption).

 External integral fine filter (convenient maintenance).

 The transmission box adopts maintenance-free breathing valve (beautiful appearance, more environmentally friendly).




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