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 Single-cylinder, two-stroke, water-cooled, electric/kick starting engine.

 The lightweight design (crankshaft, piston, piston ring) reduces friction and vibration and improves dynamic performance.

 LONCIN special silent technology, through systematic improvements in materials and structures, the thermal deformation of the valve structure is reduced, effectively reducing engine noise.

 The lubrication system uses separate feed (automatic) lubrication.

 Transmission box lubrication is driven by the operation of the engine transmission mechanism to cause splash lubrication of engine oil.

 Thermal engine system lubrication is to pump two-stroke special engine oil to the carburetor through an oil pump, and atomize it together with the fuel mixture to form oil mist that enters the crankcase to lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder block and piston parts.

 The balance shaft structure design reduces the vibration of the engine.

 The engine has good explosive performance, high torque, and linear and smooth performance.

 The cylinder body adopts all-aluminum alloy + Nikasil, wear-resistant, stable performance.

 It adopts a 6-speed shifting structure to reasonably distribute the engine's power transmission.

 The overload protection double tooth structure is adopted to effectively protect the damage to the starting motor when the engine stops abnormally.

 The water pump is driven by primary driving gear, simple transmission, compact structure, high reliability, low noise.

 Forced water cooling reduces engine heat load and improves engine durability.

 It adopts six sets of seven-plate reinforced clutches to improve reliability.



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