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 Two-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, electric starting engine.

 DOHC, roller rocker arm technology (improve valve mechanical efficiency, reduce losses).

 Adopt linear inlet, double cylinder eight valve technology (reduce intake flow loss and intake carbon deposit, improve charging efficiency, make power performance better).

 Double cylinder 180° fully balance crankshaft and built-in single balance shaft technology (vibration reduction).

 Primary and balance teeth adopt the main and counter gear structure to eliminate the side backlash between teeth (reduce gear noise level).

 Grinding technology is adopted for primary teeth and balance teeth to further improve gear accuracy (reduce meshing noise).

 The crankshaft adopts the bearing shell structure, and the running sound is smaller (less noise, less wear, and more life).

 Small size and high performance starting motor (electric starting sound is low).

 Optimize the shift mechanism and transmission mechanism, so that the transmission mechanism is more compact and reliable, and the shift smooth transition is good and more comfortable. (Less effort in shifting, better sense of position and comfort).

 The clutch adopts 4 groups of main springs and 7 large diameter friction plates (imported FCC paper-based friction plates, the clutch is more reliable, the residual torque is small, and the separation is better).

  In addition, the latest design of the sliding clutch can be selected to further improve the riding comfort (comfort is good).

 The clutch adopts three-stage shock absorber technology, which can effectively absorb shock (smooth gear meshing, higher sound quality and reliability).

 Dual cylinder 180° asynchronous ignition, more stable engine operation (less vibration, long ride comfort).

 Lightweight piston + apron tank design (reduces wear, greatly increases piston life and reduces oil consumption).

 Piston ring reinforced with PVD (more wear resistant, lower oil consumption).

 Adopt piston forced back cooling technology (piston heat dissipation fast, low heat load, longer life).

 Optimize the design of the water jacket structure, eliminate the dead angle of the water flow, and extend the water jacket path to take more heat (better cooling effect, reduce the cylinder head temperature, and improve the engine life).

 Cylinder inner wall with platform mesh (reduce the initial wear of piston and ring).

 The valve is driven by adjusting gaskets instead of adjusting screws, and the point contact is replaced by line contact, which has less wear and less change of valve clearance (reduces valve clearance maintenance).

 External fine filter structure (more convenient to replace filter element).

 Small circulation design of cylinder head and water pump to achieve fast heating (fast start in low temperature environment).



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