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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, electric/kick starting engine.

 The valve spring adopts single spring, SOHC structure, low intake resistance, high inflation efficiency and strong power.

 The valve spring uses a single spring, the valve back sound is small, the noise, the vibration is small, the sound quality is high.

 By improving the main and counter shaft, the fatigue strength of the gear is increased and the service life is extended.

 Using piston back cooling technology, forced lubrication and cooling piston and piston ring, reduce engine heat load.

 Using the improved transmission ratio of the main and counter shaft, each motion pair wears less, higher reliability.

 The clutch adopts two-stage shock absorption technology, which can effectively absorb shock, and the sound quality and reliability are higher.

 The clutch adopts a 7 pieces improved friction plate structure, making clutch separation smoother.

 9 teeth high performance starting motor, electric starting performance is good.

 The kick starting system adopts a new layout and design, which is specially designed for off-road and provides better comfort.

 Starting gear combination with improved transmission ratio makes starting more reliable.



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