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 Double cylinder, water cooled, four stroke, DOHC, eight valve, electric start.

 CAE performance and power matching design are adopted to optimize the high speed characteristics, resulting in higher engine combustion efficiency and more full output of high speed performance.

 Using large cylinder diameter, short stroke design, to achieve high speed, high power and high specific power.

 With double cylinder eight valve crank direct drive design, the engine has high charging efficiency, high mechanical efficiency and compact structure.

 Through CAE strength analysis and design, ensure the strength of parts and lightweight design is achieved, so that the engine power to weight ratio is at a high level.

 Irregular combustion chamber, more full combustion, engine combustion efficiency is higher.

 NVH technology for structural optimization, precise control of engine noise and vibration.

 The balance gear is built into the crankcase, and the balance gear is equipped with multiple sets of damping springs to effectively reduce the noise and impact of gear meshing.

 180° double cylinder asynchronous integral forging crankshaft, the engine runs more smoothly and the sound is more pleasant.

 The crankshaft, balance shaft and connecting rod are supported by bearing shingles, which makes the engine run more smoothly without bearing rotation noise while being lightweight.

 The cylinder body adopts all-aluminum alloy + Nikasil, which has higher wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, better heat dissipation, and lightweight design.

 Forged T piston +PVD piston ring, the piston ring is more wear-resistant, piston strength is higher, and achieve lightweight design.

 With built-in water circulation channel, reduce the length of the water channel, better cooling effect, more compact and beautiful engine.

 7-piece wet sliding clutch, three-stage shock absorption, more reliable clutch strength, more stable engagement.

 The piston back cooling technology is adopted to reduce the working temperature of the piston and improve the stability of the piston.

 The eccentric technology of crankshaft is adopted to reduce the side force of piston skirt, reduce piston wear and improve the reliability of piston.

 The design of large oil pan ensures the oil demand and improves the reliability of bearing bush .

 External integral fine filter design, improve the cleanliness of lubricating oil, improve the reliability of engine, maintenance convenience.

 The oil pressure sensor monitors the oil condition of the oil line pump in real time, protects the engine and reminds the customer of oil maintenance.



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