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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, electric/kick starting engine.

 With single cylinder four valves, irregular combustion chamber, SOHC structure, low intake resistance, high inflation efficiency, strong power.

 Use of finger roller rocker arm, reduce power loss, longer life, strong power.

 Adopt matching design ignition curve to ensure power performance while reducing the heat load of the engine and reducing power attenuation at high temperatures.

 The valve spring adopts the combined double spring structure to make the valve return sound good.

 The matching design of the valve profile ensures power performance while reducing cylinder head noise.

 Adopting clutch two-level shock absorption technology, it effectively absorbs vibration impacts, has high sound quality and good vibration performance.

 16-roller starting overrunning clutch (improves starting reliability).

 Using piston back cooling technology, forced lubrication and cooling piston and piston ring, reduce engine heat load.

 Use of centrifugal cylinder liner to effectively reduce cylinder body temperature (improve engine heat load).

 The use of the main and counter shaft with increased module teeth, good market feedback, high fatigue strength and long service life of the gear.

 Optimizing the design of the crank connecting rod mechanism and rebalancing the weight, the vibration performance of the whole machine is greatly improved.



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