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 Single cylinder, four stroke, DOHC, water cooled, electric starting engine.

 DOHC direct drive, four valves, effectively ensure the YF300 engine has the characteristics of high power, strong torque, while simplifying the valve drive mechanism, reduce friction and reduce transmission inertia, to achieve high speed, high power reliability.

 Through CAD/CAE computer-aided analysis, the balance shaft absorption system is designed and rationally arranged according to the characteristics of the engine. At the same time, the balance shaft with counter teeth is used to drive the gear, and the engine absorption effect is more obvious.

 All-aluminized nickel plated cylinder body, good sealing, low emission, long life, high wear resistance, light weight.

 Toothed chain, low noise, long life.

 The engine ensures the performance and simplifies the structure as much as possible, so that the structure of the engine is relatively compact and the weight is smaller than that of the same displacement engine.

 Built-in reverse gear, adapted to ATV.



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