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 Single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, electric starting engine.

 Linear inlet design is adopted to improve the inflation efficiency.

 Roller rocker arm, lightweight piston ring, reduce friction loss.

 The design of EFI turbulent system increases the turbulent kinetic energy of the medium and small load intake of the engine and makes the mixture more uniform.

 The piston back cooling technology is adopted to reduce the working temperature of the piston and improve the stability of the piston.

 The eccentric technology of crankshaft is adopted to balance the lateral force of piston skirt, reduce piston wear and improve the reliability of piston.

 The design of large oil pan ensures the oil demand of bearing bush and improves the reliability of bearing bush.

 Built-in dendritic oil circuit system design, simplify the oil circuit, improve the cleanliness of lubricating oil, improve the reliability of the whole machine.

 The oil pressure sensor monitors the oil condition of the oil pump in real time, protects the engine and reminds the customer of oil maintenance.

 Split pump design, simple structure, easy maintenance.

 External paper filter, more convenient maintenance.



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