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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, oil-cooled, electric starting engine.

 Adopts single cylinder four valves, SOHC structure :low intake resistance, high inflation efficiency, strong power.

 Use of finger roller rocker arm, cylinder eccentric technology :reduced power loss, longer life, strong power.

 Centrifugal oil and gas separation cycle technology :lower exhaust emissions and oil consumption.

 Built-in balance teeth, auxiliary teeth buffer vibration absorption structure, so that vibration and gear meshing sound is lower :high sound quality.

 Balance tooth grinding process, high precision :small meshing sound.

 Clutch adopts 5 sets of main spring, 5 large diameter friction plate structure :optional imported FCC paper based friction plate, pull rod separation type :more stable clutch separation, small residual torque, better separation.

 The clutch adopts three-stage shock absorption technology, which can effectively absorb shock :smooth gear mesh, higher sound quality and reliability.

 Built-in balance shaft structure greatly reduces single-cylinder engine vibration :less vibration, better riding comfort.

 Enhanced main and counter shafts :to improve gear fatigue strength and extend service life.

 Central oil cooling technology :lower head heat load and higher reliability.

 The primary driven tooth adopts integral steel gear with good strength.

 Using piston back cooling technology, forced lubrication and cooling piston and piston ring, reduce engine heat load.

 The external paper fine filter which is different from the centrifugal partial filter structure, the wear of the thermal engine and various motion pairs is smaller :with higher reliability.

 Special reinforced crankshaft and balance shaft bearings :higher bearing life and better reliability.

 The valve is driven by adjusting gaskets instead of adjusting screws, and the point contact is replaced by line contact, which has less wear and less change of valve clearance :reduces valve clearance maintenance.

 Starting the overrunning clutch with 18 rollers :more reliable starting.



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