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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, electric starting engine.

 DLC piston ring is adopted to reduce friction and improve power performance.

 Lower oil consumption with special scraping piston ring design.

 Adopt double CAM structure design, lift medium and low speed and maximum torque.

 Three-duct cylinder head design is adopted to enhance heat dissipation and solve the problem of excessive heat load of conventional air-cooled engine.

 Large oil pan design, increase the amount of oil, effectively reduce the heat load of the whole engine.

 An automation-grade dry clutch with enhanced diaphragm release springs provides a car-like clutch release experience.

 Mechanical telescopic motor to separate the unidirectional unit normally after starting, which avoids the serious impact of flout recoil on the unidirectional unit during tricycle power operation and solves the problem of high failure rate of the unidirectional unit at present.

 The crankshaft direction is the same as the forward direction of the tricycle, the power is centered to make operation is smooth.

 Power unit, clutch, gearbox modular design, power unit less pollution, longer life, easy maintenance.

 The gearbox integrates the conventional tricycle reverse gear design, one bar to achieve reverse gear, booster switch, easy to operate.

 The gearbox setting of the transmission cycle is normally engaged + high and low gear  reverse gear, providing 8 kinds of forward gear and 4 kinds of backward gear to meet the needs of various road conditions.

 Cylinder head and cylinder block, cylinder head cover radiator overall consideration, the appearance of eye-catching.




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