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 Single-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, electric starting engine.

 It adopts a single-cylinder four-valve, DOHC structure, with small air intake resistance, high inflation efficiency and strong power.

 Newly designed air intake system, dive-type intake duct, compression ratio as high as 13.9, improved combustion, strong high-speed power while taking into account low-speed torque.

 Finger-shaped DLC rocker arm structure, titanium alloy valve + elliptical valve spring, speed up to 14000r/min, lightweight valve structure, cylinder eccentric technology, reduce power loss, longer life, strong power.

 The compression ratio is as high as 13.9, which improves combustion and brings strong power.

 Lightweight two-ring piston forged piston, multi-curved irregular piston top combustion chamber, piston multi-point injection forced back cooling technology, DLC coated piston pin, and various technologies to lightweight the piston structure, thereby reducing the piston reciprocating inertia and improving power response.

 The engine has a refined appearance layout, compact structure, and greatly reduced width, which is beneficial to off-road control and bike layout.

 All parts are lightweight, the power-to-weight ratio is as high as 1.14, and the power performance of the bike is improved.

 Split-chamber lubrication improves oil utilization efficiency, reduces oil volume, and reduces engine weight. The removable double primary filter + single fine filter structure fully ensures oil cleanliness.

 Lightweight balance shaft structure balances first-order inertia force and optimizes vibration of the engine.

 It adopts a professional off-road shifting mechanism to reduce the shifting distance, making shifting more effortless and clearer, and making it difficult to shift out of gear.

 The engine is equipped with original imported NTN bearings and high-performance DID reinforced SV chain to meet the reliability requirements of high-explosive performance engines.

 A wear-resistant steel sleeve is added to the rear suspension to improve the strength of the box where it contacts the flat fork of the bike.

 Using high-performance rare earth starter motor, good starting performance.

 For off-road use scenarios, the separate starting overrunning clutch is driven by the clutch plate teeth, and combined with the friction electric starting double teeth, it greatly reduces the reverse impact force on the overrunning clutch when abnormal stalling at high speed and extends the life of the overrunning clutch.




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