LCPower technology

LCPower technology is Loncin patent technology used to meet EPA Phase III emission regulations. The LCPower technology is based on in-engine emission control that operate with lower emissions and higher performance.

Core Technology

The core technology of LCPower is the innovative design of engines’ combustion chamber and related components.

New Combustion Chamber

New combustion chambers have a smaller surface to volume ratio with the spark plug located at the center of combustion chamber to shorten the flame propagation distance, and make the gas mixture to burn more quickly and sufficiently to improve the combustion efficiency and exhaust emissions.

New Air Inlet and Outlet Channel

New air channel provide larger air flow area and lower intake resistance, cooperate with the new cam profile to minimize the intake and exhaust loss and increase air inflow during operation; it also increases the tumble ratio in cylinder significantly to allow the fuel and air to mix more sufficiently and burn more efficiently. 

Lightweight Piston and Piston Rings

The new T-shape piston and piston rings reduces the HC emissions and engine power loss, slow down the deterioration process by their light weight decreasing the friction power loss and reciprocating inertia force to fit and move in the cylinder smoothly.

Optimized Ignition System

New ignition system with optimized ignition timing and improved spark energy enables gas mixture to burn more completely providing higher power output.

Fine Tuned Carburetor

Fine tuned carburetor provides optimal air-fuel ratio and suitable fuel spray pattern under each operating condition for the best fuel economy and exhaust emissions. 

Optimized Compression Ratio

The optimized compression ratio decreases combustion temperature suitably to reduce the NOx and HC emissions.