Professional complete power product

 Loncin is the only manufacturer that is able to provide full range of engines with horizontal shaft and vertical shaft in China, of which the vertical shaft power products cover 87-678cc.. It provides global customers with comprehensive general power solutions and serves as a supplier of professional low-carbon complete power product and service.

Double-cylinder series

the balanced design of V-type double cylinder and dynamic crankshaft is adopted so that the engine is more compact with effectively reduced vibration and stable operation. The service life of the engine is extended. High-flow cooling fan, oil filter and oil cooler effectively lowers the engine temperature, enhances engine performance and extends the service life.

After-sale quality assurance

the products are easy to be started, powerful, durable and reliable, meeting environmental standards and provided with comprehensive after-sales service.

L series

brand new design, with new-style, novel and compact appearance. Camshaft with new patented technology is adopted for strong power. It is suitable for the strength design of large load.

Tamping machine series

it is a model that is developed aiming at the special requirements for engineering machinery and specific workplaces. It can be widely used for plate tamping, road cutting machine, impact tamper and other engineering machinery.

Snowplow series

it is featured with strong power performance, good economic performance and reliable operation, and can meet the operation requirements of harsh low-temperature environment, stringent environment-friendly regulations and safety regulations.

First choice of General Purpose Engine

Loncin has provided world-renowned brands-GGP, E-Mark, Toro and Rover with millions of excellent power products continuously. They are widely used for terminal machinery of garden, engineering, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and other industries, such as: generator, water pump, mini-tiller, cleaning machine, road cutting machine, tamping machine, chipping machine, etc.

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The optimized design of silencer and air filter ensures normal use of machine in adverse environment with dust. The unique design of vibration resistance provides longer service life. Overhead valve (OHV) design makes the engine with lower operation temperature and provides strong power, reliability and durability. Meanwhile it saves more fuel. The cast iron cylinder sleeve effectively improves lubrication performance and allows more wear resistance as well as extends the service life. It will give an alarm to shut down when oil level is in low, preventing engine operating under low oil level and giving more protection to engine. It is equipped with metal cams and forged crankshaft.


Overhead valve (OHV) design: the engine operation temperature is low. It has strong power, efficient performance of suction and exhaust, and OHV structure greatly increasing combustion efficiency.


Easy start: recoil starter is employed, which has proper resistance and enables an easy start for female.


Transistor ignition device: it is the standard equipment for transistor magnet ignition device and possesses a stable ignition performance with low burnup, low fuel consumption and good economical efficiency.


Low vibration: the professional balanced design with low center of gravity allows the engine running smoothly.


Precision parts: cast iron cylinder sleeve, metal cams and forging crankshaft effectively improve lubrication performance, enhance wear resistance of the engine and extend its service life.


Oil protector: prevent engine from running under low oil level and give more protection to the engine.


ptimization and improvement: considering the special operating environment of tamping machines, the tank body, tank cap, crankshaft, connecting rod, carburetor, starter and even bolt and nut are improved, which possess superior power performance as well as service life than that of the same kind.


Easy maintenance: overhead valve can decrease the carbon accumulation, Spot inspection on cylinder head can be conducted easily, the maintenance for air filter with foam filter element, simple equipment and high dust resistance becomes much easier.


Perfect compatibility: light weight and exquisite product as a result of improved design of silencer, starter, air filter and fuel tank, which is more convenient for users to carry tamping power equipment.

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