Full range of professional products

Loncin is dedicated to manufacture mini tiller series to satisfy various needs of customers at home and abroad, covering a tillage width range of 360mm-1350mm.

Commercial engine

Loncin commercial petrol engine and diesel engine are employed. It is easy to be started, reliable and durable, with stable power output and low fuel consumption. Its fuel consumption per operating area is significantly lower than that of peer companies.

Easy operation

easy to use, operate and learn.

Applicable to different operations

tools are complete. In addition to standard tools, various tools can be selected to ridge, ditch, earth up, weeding etc. according to local farming needs. And it can meet the operation needs in both flooded field and drought field. 

High adaptability

the operation is free from flat land , hill and hillside restrictions. It can move smoothly and operate in small pieces of land in mountains and hills. And it can operate freely due to its small size in small farming area, such as vegetable greenhouses, orchards, vegetable gardens to achieve a mechanized operation.

Various models entitled with national subsidiaries

to realize agriculture modernization, Loncin actively responds to the calls of the government to develop more mini tillers entitled with national subsidiaries to enable application free of worry.

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• LC178F engine, the secondary generation of single cylinder diesel engine of Loncin, is used, which provides lower unit fuel consumption, more powerful output and economical fuel consumption.
• The machine is featured with compact structure, light weight, easy operation and perfectly suitable for agricultural operation in mountainous and hilly regions.
• High adaptability and multiple functions. Provided with different farming tools, the machine can be used for either dry land operation or paddy field rotary tillage. It can also be used for pumping, irrigation, spraying, threshing when equipped with special machines and tools.
• The range of tillage width is up to 135cm.
• The tillage depth is controlled by easy-adjusted damping arm.
• Its height can be adjusted for three levels and adjusted leftwards and rightwards, which is easy to operate.
•  Wheel replacement is easy.
• With features such as easy maintenance, reliable performance and multifunction corresponding to agriculture needs of different areas, the machine is the perfect mini agricultural machinery to replace traditional cattle farming of mountainous areas.
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