Professional complete power product

Loncin is the only manufacturer that is able to provide full range of engines with horizontal shaft and vertical shaft in China, of which the vertical shaft power products cover 140-803cc.. It provides global customers with comprehensive general power solutions and serves as a supplier of professional low-carbon complete power product and service.

After-sale quality assurance

the products are easy to be started, powerful, durable and reliable, meeting environmental standards and provided with comprehensive after-sales service.

First choice of General Purpose Engine

Loncin has provided world-renowned brands-GGP, E-Mark, Toro and Rover with millions of excellent power products continuously. They are widely used for hand-push lawn mower, lawn vehicle, generator, high voltage cleaning machine, mini-tiller and other machinery.

Small vertical shaft series

 Loncin is excellent supplier of precise spare parts. This series product is featured with easy to be started, simple operation, strong power and compliance with environmental standards.

Large vertical shaft series

optimized balance system enables more stable operation. Polar oil filter system lubricates engine sufficiently and extends the engine service life. Cast iron cylinder sleeves, metal cams, forged crankshafts make the engine more durable.

Double-cylinder vertical shaft

 the balanced design of dynamic crankshaft reduces vibration. Press-type machine oil pump can improve the engine lubrication to extend engine service life; fan with high flow can reduce the engine temperature. The cobalt alloy surfacing technology is used for hard alloy intake and exhaust valves to make the engine more wear-resisting.

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  • Technical Details
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  • P.T.O Shaft Options
■ Light weight design, compact structure, easy operation.
■ Auto-choke, easy starting at low temperature.
■ Automobile level sealant. No leaking.
■ High positioned oil dipstick, easy to add oil with.
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