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■ Comfortable
Accurate match on fuel system, friction pair,  Automatically decompression structure can ensure an Easy starting. less  battery current are consumed.
Easy starting within three attempts at 4.5℃~43.5℃.
■ Low noise, low vibration
CAE analysis technology are used to optimize component design, reduces vibration and noise.
■Superior reliability
Imported fuel pump, stable and reliable.
Full pressure lubrication, extends engine life.
Special material filter element are used to prevent dust entering in engine. 
■ Powerfull output
V-twin cylinder 90 angled OHV design, small size, large displacement, strong power output.
Optimized valve timing design, improved combustion efficiency and power lifted by 5%-10% compared to same displacement engines.
■ Low oil consumption
Optimized air vent cooling system, equipped with oil cooler, decreases oil temperature. Labyrinth type fuel and air separation structure reduces oil consumption.
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