Leading design
Compact design, novel appearance with integrated panel and easy operation
Loncin commercial engine
Powerful commercial V-type engine of Loncin, with lower vibration, lower emission, more durable, more stable, more reliable and larger power
Intelligent revolution control
Precise ignition control, saving significantly oil consumption with intelligent RPM control according to load, both economically and efficiently
Easy maintenance

overhead valve can decrease the carbon accumulation, spot inspection on cylinder head can be conducted easily, the maintenance for air filter with foam filter element, simple equipment and high dust resistance becomes much easier

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• LCpower series 622CC single-cylinder engine fully complies with EPA3 emission requirements and its powerful output is up to 13kW. 
• Designed with 48L large tank, with endurance up to 10 years.
• Newly designed air duct makes the motor temperature rise down by 20%. It can last for 1000 hours in continuous durability test.
• 5 Newly designed silencer with noise as low as 97 dbA.
• The design of high-strength frame shield can effectively protect the set to meet the requirements in different operation environments.
• Graphical operating instructions and warning decals make users who never operate it be clear at a glance and easy to operate.x
• Data sheet with innovative design displays time, voltage and frequency etc. and prompts to clean air filter and replace oil regularly.
•  Both electrical and manual start is available to avoid battery failure.
• The design for 9in. two-wheel and folding armrest makes the operation and transportation easy.
• Overall size and weight are less than that of similar products by 10%, in favor of transportation and storage.
• Automatic AVR voltage regulation enables a voltage fluctuation rate less than 3%.
• Automatic protection at low oil level
• Strong power output with maximum output over 10.5kW at 60HZ. Regardless of household, commercial and industrial purposes, it can provide a powerful output of electric power.
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