How to choose suitable general-purpose engine

The general purpose engine must be chosen according to its power purpose and the final product to ensure it meets operation power, torque and relevant performance requirements and it complies with economic, safe and applicable principle. 
Currently, our general purpose engines are: 
Horizontal engine: it includes a series of engines with 2.5~22 horsepower and they are mainly suitable for generator set, water pump, detergent, mini tiller, snow sweeper and tamping machine. 
Vertical engine: it includes a series of engine with 4~27 horsepower, and they are suitable for lawn mower, mini tiller and generator set.
The power and torque of the engine need to be chosen according to rated power/ rated torque or net power/ net torque. Generally speaking, the power and torque of the engine shall not be too big, otherwise the purchasing cost, fuel consumption and discharged pollution will be increased. 
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