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Four water-cooled double overhead camshaft-driven valves effectively ensure the high power and big torque of YF 300 engine, simplify
 the valve actuating mechanism, reduce friction and lower rotation inertia, hence better reliability in the high-speed and high-power 
Front balancer——through CAD/CAE based computer aided analysis, and based on the engine's features, a balancer vibration 
dampening system is designed and reasonably positioned, in the mean time a balancer driving gear with its own supplementary 
teeth is used, thus achieving a better engine vibration dampening effect
Use of a stable and reliable built——in reverse gear mechanism brings very convenient operation of reverse gear and gear shifting 
In order to prevent the engine's misshift into reverse gear position during forward driving, the engine has a built-in position-limit 
mechanism to make reverse gear operation safer
All-aluminum surface porcelainized nickel-plated cylinder——good tightness, a low emission level, a long service life, high wear 
resistance and a light mass
Adoption of a silent timing chain with a low noise level and a long service life
Light weight design——engine structure is simplified as much as possible yet engine's performance is still guaranteed, making the 
engine's conformation very compact, and its weight much lighter than other engines of the same displacement
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