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A powerful oil pump—the improved horizontal engine’s structure increases pump’s oil flow rate and flow velocity, and ensures that the engine’s thermal load is lower while its power and torque output are raised.

Fixed-point injection technology—engine oil is injected from the fixed point to the piston bottom, cooling the piston and piston rings with higher efficiency, which significantly reduces the engine’s thermal load.

A high-friction-quality clutch—the wholly new hi-tech material of the friction disks raises the clutch’s abrasion resistance strength and deformation temperature in an overall way; the clutch’s return shock resistance capacity is raised by 10 times, and deformation temperature is raised by over 60℃.

Piston rings with titanium alloy infiltrated surfaces—the advanced technology of deep titanium alloy infiltration elevates the piston rings’ wear resistance and service life in an overall way.

A high-strength piston—through optimization of the piston skirt shape, the piston can keep a maximum amount of oil storage all the time during its operation, achieving a more complete lubrication effect.

Multi-layer gas seal technology—adoption of a multi-layer seal of a wholly new structure between the high-precision cylinder head and cylinder body effectively prevents gas blowby and fuel seepage during combustion.


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