Professional supplier of inverter generator

Loncin upholds the concepts of low-carbon and environmental protection. Several core technologies of independent research and development are integrated, meeting professional and high-end power demand.

Best THD inverter power in the world

Inverter generator set series employs “FM-SPWM” professional inverter power supply, lately developed by Loncin and meeting the secondary EU standard of communication power.The quality of output power has exceeded GB 2820 G2 and THD (total harmonic distortion) meets the secondary standard of international communication power. The product is in full compliance with European EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) requirements.

Load operation with high efficiency

Real-time supply of high-quality and high-purity current is guaranteed, which meets power supply requirements of the computer, uninterruptible power supply, audio equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, electromagnetic microwave heating equipment and other apparatuses controlled by electronic chips.

Core technology of innovation

3500io generator set adopts the latest innovative technology; ESC engine intelligent revolution control system, PMA intermediate-frequency permanent magnet generator and newly designed air duct with full closed and integral structure.

Environment-friendly and clean LCPOWER power

Inverter generator set series is equipped with “LC-POWER” low carbon powered engine that meets USA epa3 emission standard.

Small sized, light weight and more quiet

It is small sized and portable with light weight. Noise level is 52dB where is 7m away, 30%-50% lower than that of ordinary generator set, which ensures quiet operation in office or for outdoor leisure.

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Loncin’s brand new LC3500i inverter generator set is powered by FM-SPWM Ⅲ frequency converter with its latest frequency conversion technology. It has a full power of 3500W and supplies high quality electric power. Its efficient and environmental protection LCPower engine and high intensity body structure with new and optimized design make the machine run under a noise lower than 65 db, an overall weight of 45kg and a 10-hour continuous operation after a single refueling. The revolutionary application of " easy parallel connection " technology makes the generator set can be paralleled and combined with other sets of different powers.

1、 LC3500i is powered by LCPower engine LC170FD-3, EPAIII and CARB compliant, Loncin patented.

2、Using multiple noise reducing technology, LC3500i’s noise level is even smaller than other smaller traditional generators. LC3500i is Japan MITI approved.

3、Aluminum frameenhances the strength a lot, and also makes this generator compact and light weight..

4、CPU core updates:Inverter CPU computing speed and frequency increase 4 times to 40mips.The newly added numerical computation provides better error solving, trend convergenting and stability.

       a、Inverter CPU upgrades from 16-bit to TI 32-bit.

       b, Add one 8-bit co-processing CPU.

       c、Computing time is 4 time faster than last generation.

       d、 Able to self-adjust engine speed against different loads, providing safer and purer power for sensitive appliances like computers, advanced audios, medical and all sorts of precision testing equipment.

5、Inverter parallel mode upgrades to “Easy Parallel Connection”

6、Safety level upgrades by new design of High/Low voltage ports and ceramic wafer.

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