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Two Patents for Invention of Loncin General Machinery Business Division Were first Granted by the US Intellectual Property Office
Published:2014/7/8 10:20:58
Patent is an important indicator to measure technological innovative ability and level of an enterprise, while the granted patent for an invention, either in foreign nations or in China, is a patent with most technical content and highest requirements for innovation.
Recently, two technological innovation invention patents titled "generator inverter frequency doubling method and apparatus" designed by Long Yu and Tian Hui of Loncin General Machinery Business Division and "general gasoline engine" designed by Che Bibo Institute were granted by the U.S. State Intellectual Property Office in May this year. These two patents for invention are the first international ones granted to the Company in the gasoline engine technology and technical field of generators, showing that Loncin’s independent innovation ability has been recognized internationally. These two patents will also be licensed in Europe, Japan and Russia.
In the face of fierce competition in the international market competitive environment, the Company, constantly concentrating on painstaking research of the generator inverter technology and the general internal combustion engine inner cleaning technology and based on analysis of the patents of the advanced enterprises both at home and abroad, broke the barriers of international patented technology to develop the core patented technology through independent innovation, which all belong to the world's pioneers. Currently, the patented generating product, "generator inverter frequency doubling method and apparatus" developed by the Company, sells well in large quantities in nations and regions such as Europe, Japan, the United States and Russia. In the mean time properties of the engine containing internal cleaning patented technology of "gasoline engine" have been improved significantly because of such technology. Thus, without additional catalyst, the emission can meet the stringent U.S. regulatory requirements for EPA3 stage, thereby enhancing the competitive advantage of the Company’s general gasoline engine product on the U.S. market.
Two patents of the Company being granted for the first time in the United States demonstrates Loncin’s strong technical and R&D capabilities and upgrade of its core competitiveness of products, showing that Loncin’s frequency conversion generator and gasoline engine internal cleaning technology are currently leading the world. It also provides Loncin with a forceful technical support and protection for its continued development on the international market.


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